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“We can’t keep doing the same things anymore. You take a look at our Country at the moment and you think, it’s not well, there’s something we’ve got to do. Let us be what our Ancestors expected us to be. They expected their children, their descendants, to be back at Country and to heal Country because it is unwell, it is sick, and at the same time heal ourselves. Let all people now participate in the good leadership that we believe we’ll bring.
What I can give and what our People can give is 60,000 years of a living experience on Country and so you’ve got to continue that because if it worked for 60,000 years, it’s got to be good.”
Rodney Carter, DJAARA CEO

We have a profound connection to the Country that is now called the Wombat State Forest. Our Dja Dja Wurrung Ancestors cared for this Country as we continue to care for this Country.
We are a strong People, with respect and contribution at our core. We share our Country with everyone in our community and understand that many non-Djaara also love our Country, choosing to live on and visit Country. The Wombat State Forest is, historically, what all people love about Country – the bush, the plants, the animals.

But Country is sick.

For Country to continue to provide for all, it is essential that we be allowed to heal Country according to our forest gardening principles. We have 60,000 years of experience in looking after this Country and all we are asking is that our community respect our knowledge, respect our leadership and respect our capability.
It’s important that we talk about Dja Dja Wurrung People’s pain at the state of Country because we need others to understand, they need to let us lead and heal Country and heal ourselves.

Just let us lead, we won’t let anyone down.

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